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Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's draft Local Plan is open for consulation until 5pm on Monday 24th October.

150 houses are designated to be built on Green Belt land behind Marshalls. The Entech site at the north west of the village has been designated as employment land only even though the owners are proposing to build 75 houses on the site along with shops, including a convenience store, with employnent units above. The Parish Council favour the Entech site for development as it would be more reasonable growth; 12.5% rather than 25%, provide facilities for residents and preserve the Green Belt.

We now hear that the owners of the Marshalls site will object to their land being designated as employment land as when there is a break in the lease they want to develop the site into housing. The two sites combined could provide at least 118 houses.

It is important that everyone who supports this view submits comments to the consultation which can be accessed here:


You can also email comments to:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You need to state good planning reasons rather than personal opinion. The following may help you form your response:

You will be asked if the Draft Local Plan is sound and if your answer is “no” you will be asked if it is “positively prepared”, justified”, “effective” and “consistent with national policy”.

Woolmer Green, Paragraph 16.3, Policy SADM 27, Policies Map 1.
• Argue that “exceptional circumstances” do not exist to redefine the Green Belt boundary in Woolmer Green when a Brownfield site is available for development.
• Say that the site HS15 makes a “significant contribution” to the Green Belt and is part of the “fragile gap” that separates Woolmer Green from Knebworth.
• Argue that it is not possible to mitigate the visual impact of the development on the HS15 site when it is clearly visible from the Rights of Way on high ground to the south east of the village.
• Likewise argue it is not possible to mitigate the visual impact of the development on the setting of the Grade II listed Payne’s Farm.
• Explain the benefits that developing the Entech site (EA10) will bring to the village.ie housing, employment, shops including a much needed convenience store.
• Say the Entech site at EA10 is not viable as business land as it needs huge investment that is not likely for a village location.
• Argue that a convenience store on the Brownfield site would be sustainable as it is located on the main road.
• Say Woolmer Green will be adversely affected by development in Knebworth (600 houses in North Herts Local Plan) and Stevenage. (8,000 dwellings in Stevenage Borough Council’s Local Plan).
Economy, Paragraph 10.4, Policy SADM 10, Policies Map 1.
• State that the Entech site has been underutilised for many years and that it would need to be completely redeveloped requiring huge investment that is unlikely to be forthcoming.
• Argue that the Entech site at EA10 is not viable as business land as large businesses want to be located in towns where there are good transport links and a range of facilities.

. State that the village has grown by 50% in the last 25 years because businesses have left the village.

• Say that large scale businesses are not suitable for small villages where their operations cause problems to residents.

• Argue that the amount of land allocated for employment in Woolmer Green is disproportionate.
• Say that small scale businesses are more appropriate for a village.



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