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Public Meeting October 2016

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The public meeting was very well attended on 12th October as Woolmer Green residents unanimously opposed the building of 150 houses on Green Belt land in Woolmer Green.

The minutes of the meeting can be found here

The Parish Council does not accept that there are "exceptional circumstances" to develop Green Belt when there is a brownfield site, currently the Entech factory, available. The owners want to build 75 houses here along with a few shops and office units above, including a desperately needed convenience store.

At the meeting the owners of a second previously developed site informed everyone that they will be objecting to their site being designated as employment land in the draft Local Plan as when the current lease comes to an end, which is before the end of the Plan period, they want to develop it into approximately 43 houses. This would greatly enhance the look of the village and the community would welcome this.




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Janet Pearce, Parish Clerk

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