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To Members of the Council
You are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Council on
Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall, Hall Lane.
Meeting open to the public and press.
1.1 To elect a Chairman for 2018/19.
1.2 To receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
1.3 To elect a Vice-Chairman for 2018/19.
1.4 To receive the Vice-Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
1.5 To receive apologies of absence.
1.6 To review Registers of Interest.
1.7 To appoint councillors to the following specific responsibilities:
      Village Hall, Hall Grounds, Finance, Planning, Environment, Transport, 
      Allotment Liaison, Young People Liaison, Staffing Committee, Community
1.8 To consider adopting new Standing Orders.
1.9 To review internal control procedures.
1.10 To appoint an internal auditor for 2018/19.
1.11 To consider requests for dispensation and pecuniary & other interests on items on the agenda.                       
1.12 To receive petitions, comments and questions from the public.  
1.13 To approve minutes of the Council Meeting on 13 March & note minutes of Annual Meeting.
1.14 To receive reports on meetings attended by Councillors.
1.15 To receive correspondence.
1.16 Planning: (Cllr Corke) 
a) 6/2018/1043/FULL Knebworth Care Home 59 London Road, Alterations to site layout to provide 7 additional car parking spaces.
b) 6/2018/0737/FULL 61 London Road, Erection of front and side extensions to the existing industrial building to incorporate an extended retail area and cafe
c) 6/2018/0672/COND Care Home, 59 London Road, Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (material samples) on planning permission 6/2017/1064/FULL, dated 15/09/2017
d) 6/2018/0440/HOUSE 37 Carvers Croft, 
e) 6/2018/0407/COND 5 Evergreen Close 
f) 6/2018/0316/HOUSE Paynes Farm. 
g) 6/2018/0317/LB Paynes Farm.
h) 6/2017/0848/MAJ Entech House, submitted for appeal.
i) 17/02755/1 Retrospective application for gypsy site at Danesbury. 
j) 6/2017/2695/MAJ Entech House.
k) To receive update on Local Plan Examination.
1.17 Hall & Grounds: (Cllrs Corke & Hawkins)   
a) To consider changing times of the market. 
b) To receive a report on the weekly playground inspection. 
c) To discuss dumped waste in the hall grounds. 
1.18 Finance: (Cllr Hall)
a) To receive and approve the payments and accounts for March & April – circulated.
b) To approve Annual Report 2017/18
c) To approve the Annual Governance Statement 2017/18
d) To approve the Accounting Statement 2017/18
e) To consider a payment to the internal auditor.
f) To consider implementing the NJC pay award 2018/19.
g) To consider reinvestment of reserves.
1.19 Environment (Cllr White) & Transport: (Cllr Gribble)
a) To receive a report on PPP work.
b) To discuss highways matters.
1.20 GDPR
a) To consider appointing the DPO Centre as Data Protection Officer.
b) To discuss & consider adopting Data Protection Policy.
c) To discuss & consider adopting Fair Processing Notice.
1.21 To discuss preparations for Village Day.
1.22 To discuss preparations for Wheels on Woolmer Green.
1.23 To receive announcements. (for information only).
1.24 Date of next meeting – Tuesday 12th June at 7.30pm.
J Pearce 
Parish Clerk
3 May 2018



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Janet Pearce, Parish Clerk

Woolmer Green Parish Council 

Village Hall, Hall Lane, Woolmer Green, SG3 6XA

Telephone: 03707776132 
E-mail: clerk@woolmergreenpc.org.uk